GO F&$% YOURSELF!!! – New Book Coming in July 2017

GO F&$% YOURSELF!!!It was a dark and stormy night! There I sat watching water run down my window from the rain. Further over to the far left of my window was some small bug, that I’ve never seen before in my life making its way across the same window.

Then my old-school brain kicked in and as the droplets ran down at different speeds and at different locations and the unidentified bug zig-zagging across the window, it looked like an unconventional game of Space Invaders.

But not long, just like my real Space Invaders game, it quickly came to an end. A water droplet caught up with the bug and it became swallowed up. The bug twisted and turned like a tilt-a-whirl on its last rusted bolt.

Such an odd event; this water droplet and unidentified bug. Such an odd fate. This bug could walk across a wet window like any well-played Spider Man actor, but now is stuck for who knows how long in this blackhole of a droplet.

Then I start going deeper. Was the bug in there spinning around and saying, “Weeeee”?  Was it scared? Is the bug thinking that this is a major inconvenience from what I was doing? Is the bug thinking anything about the event at all? Is it looking at me wondering why I don’t open up the window and helping him?

These thoughts all lead me to the thought that I often fall back on especially as I get older that not only that there’s a lot that we know that we don’t know, but there’s even more that we don’t know that we don’t know. Which leads me even more to what I’m sharing today. How do we use what we know? We are very narrow minded and even programmed to follow what already exist instead of thinking on our own and even relying on our untapped minds to explore what we don’t know.

One of the most common ways this is displayed is through four-letter-words. I’m sure right away most of the readers go straight to the profane four-letter-words. See preprogrammed. But there are plenty of four-letter-words in our vocabulary that if we take the time to reprogram ourselves could have the same effect as the profane four-letter-words. People need to work on their mindset about words, so why not start with the familiar “four-letter-words”?

Though we all need to be reprogrammed, it is easier to teach kids. Therefore, coming July 22nd. The release of my 2nd book will be available.


Other Four-Letter Words

That Every Kid Should Know

So “Go FREE Yourself”. Unleash all the potential that you have to offer by reintroducing and retraining yourself and our children with new four-letter words. No longer remain prisoner to society’s way of mind exposure, growth and development.” GO FREE YOURSELF!!!” What four-letter “F” word were you thinking of?

This book, a companion to the first book. It’s Not the Kids, It’s the Parents, focuses on constructive mindsets, viewpoints, and perceptions that oppose those negative and boorish concepts that are exposed to us. Additionally, positive applications and constructive concepts can be found in everyday four-letter words. Most of the things we do, or don’t do, are based on programming of our minds by simple four-letter words. So, “What the FOUR” letter word do you need to work on?

It is now time to embrace and “Kiss your ABIL*ity to change your current thought process. Become a daughter or “a son of a BUSY” new direction. A new action. Then you’ll be able to tell everyone loudly and proudly to “Go to HOPE” for a new and brighter future for you, for your family, and for everyone you come in contact with.

JK Thomas - authorJ.K. Thomas is an American author of self-help books. As one of this century’s leaders in youth engineering, Thomas’ writings are inspired by extensive life experience in his field. His books, seminars and mentoring offer advice and encouragement to children, teens, parents, educators, and corporations.

In addition to the decades of service to his community as a youth advocate and mentor, J.K. Thomas is presently a fighter in a heavily populated area in the State of Maryland.

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