Success: When You Can Afford to Change Your Mind

Success: When You Can Afford to Change Your Mind

What is success? Some might say success is measured by how much money is in your bank account, what kind of car you own or how many vacations you take.

Money is usually the measure of success. However, there are a lot of people with money, but they still have to put in 70-90 hours a week to get it. How can that be defined as success if all that time is spent earning it or trying to keep it?

I would like to suggest that success is not measured by material possessions or other aspects of one’s lifestyle. Success has little to do with any of the above factors, but is defined by how much freedom you have in your daily routine. More specifically success is defined by whether you have the freedom to change your mind about going to work on any given day without it affecting your income or career.

How much of your daily comings and goings is based on your own free will versus a professional obligation to clock a certain number of hours at the workplace? Most people are obligated to show up for work each morning and if they choose to do something else that day they will be in serious danger of losing their job (depending, of course, on how understanding an employer they have!). However, if you're the employer, without the proper choices, then you are really stuck. You have nowhere to go.

The Box

At the very least, they will likely suffer some consequences for failing to fulfill their obligations as an employee. This is what many refer to as living in ‘the box’ - not having a say in where you go or what you do because you are trapped in this ‘box way of living’.

You don’t have the luxury of not showing up without jeopardizing your job security. It is already subconsciously part of your daily human fabric.

  • You wake up in your bed, a ‘box’.
  • You hit the snooze button on your clock, a ‘box’.
  • You get up and eat your ‘box’ cereal.
  • While you’re eating you check up on the latest social media on your phone, a ‘box.’
  • Then, you kiss your love one ‘square’ on the lips on your way out to work just to get ‘boxed’ in traffic.
  • You get to work and sit in your ‘cubical’. Sit in front of your computer, ‘box’. Call your boss all day a ‘square’ head.
  • Then eat your ‘box’ lunch when the man tells you to.
  • Then you get ‘boxed’ in traffic again heading home.
  • You eat your T.V. dinner, ‘box’ on a T.V. stand, a ‘box’.
  • You watch others on T.V., a ‘box’, who are living out their dreams.
  • And you do this every day for the next 40 – 60 years until they bury you in…’A BOX!’

We make decisions based on the amount of time and money available to us. Not showing up to work means not getting paid. Not getting paid means not having money in one’s account to pay the bills. In turn, not paying the bills can mean going without electricity, cell phone service, cable/Internet and it can even leave you without food, water or a place to sleep at night.

Is There Another Way?

You know you don’t have to live like this! There are ways of leveraging your time and money in a way that will put you in charge of your own life, giving you the freedom to be spontaneous instead of having to participate in the ‘daily grind’ that tends to classify the workday routine of the average middle-class American.

I strongly recommend that you make choices that are best for you and your family that will give you the life that you choose and not someone chooses for you.

Would you like to learn strategies that will give you the skills and confidence you need to take back control over your own life, how you spend your time, and how you earn an income? You can drop out of "the box" that is such an integral part of today’s society.

Breaking Out of the Box

Does the idea of breaking out of the box excite you? Do you want to be the one calling the shots in your own life? Would you like to have the freedom to arrange your life and work in a way that allows you to travel spontaneously or just simply be there for the important moments in the lives of those you love?

If so, please contact me. I will help you redefine and achieve success in your own life! Call today to learn more:


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